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Get Leads with Facebook Ads

Facebook is a powerful social marketing tool that can be utilized to get more leads and attract new customers. According to Facebook Newsroom, around 1.45 billion people actively use Facebook every single day. It’s not surprising to see a plethora of marketers using this social media app to showcase their unique range of products and services. Sadly, most old-school entrepreneurs are still skeptical. They don’t believe that Facebook can help generate leads and create a successful brand. But the proof is in the pudding: many business owners are successfully using Facebook and other social media sites to market their products and promote their businesses.

There are two types of leads you’ll get on Facebook: direct and indirect leads. To generate direct leads, you need to share great content on Facebook that directly links back to your website. Once a visitor lands on your webpage, they’re prompted to fill out a form. In exchange for sharing some information (including their name and email addresses), you can offer them helpful resources such as infographics, eBooks, and coupons. Indirect leads are more subtle. You can generate these leads by simply posting content on Facebook that lacks a link or a call-to-action. Your followers will certainly like the great content you post, so they’ll keep checking in time and again.

Facebook provides a myriad of helpful marketing resources to facilitate business. For instance, you can create your own Facebook Page for your business and promote it widely. Your unique page will allow previous customers to share their feedback and reviews, helping you to generate more leads and gain more customers. You can also utilize Facebook ads to reach out to the 1.45 billion people who use Facebook daily. FB Ads help you choose your specific audience and get their attention. The available ad reporting tools will visualize how your ads are impacting the business via accurate reports.

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