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Facebook Advertising Guide

10 Facebook Advertising Tips

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Xpand Digital Marketing Facebook Guide

  • Make sure your offer is irresistible. Think about your customer, what would motivate them to come in?
  • Test Ad Copy and Images-Split Testing are important to determine which ad or image brings you better conversion.
  • Use Facebook Ad Manager instead of Boosting, you will find you have more targeting options.
  • Watch out for relevance score, Facebook wants to make sure they create a positive user experience if they determine your ad is not engagement enough they will score it low and this will result in a high cost per impression.
  • Facebook is an auction system and sometimes you make experience higher competition and cost during holidays or big buyer intent days, be aware of this and pause or slow down your ads.
  • Target local zip codes rather than larger cities or areas.
  • Test mobile and desktop separate so that you can determine which one works better.
  • Learn about your competition, Facebook allows you to see if they are running ads and what these ads look like.
  • It’s best to use a lead capture page rather than sending people to your website unless you are running ads for Brand Awareness only.
  •  One last tip, re-target the people that already viewed your content but did not opt-in. On social platforms, some people may need to see your ad more than once before they are motivated to take action.

These are some tips to help you with your Facebook Advertising efforts in Georgia, but there is much more to do in order to effectively get more leads or sales. Contact us today and let’s discuss the best approach for your company. We are located in Gwinnett County Georgia and we understand this area and can become your right hand in the digital marketing space.

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