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How To Grow Engagement on Instagram

There is no magic button here on how to grow your Instagram account, you need to put in some work to get engagement on Instagram. Post every day and make sure your message is clear and to the point. Use trending engaging images and ask questions, invite people to participate in your post. Try not to leave people wondering what was the point of your post, so make sure it’s relevant.

Don’t post too much, 1-3 times a day is good enough. If you become a serial poster, chances are you may get un-followed more often than not. Utilize your entire space in your BIO to share what you or your company is about. This is a good place for mission statements and here you can add your services or description of products.

Switch over to a business profile this will enable you to add more contact information like phone, email and location button. The business profile also gives you analytical insight on your audience and which post are performing best so that you can use it and post strategically.

Don’t forget about the Hashtags, this is crucial to succeeding on Instagram. Research the best hashtags for your industry and see if you can find some that are not too popular because it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. When using hashtags make sure you think of your audience, what hashtag would your audience post and use these. Don’t overdo it, you can easily get yourself blacklisted on Instagram where you won’t show up for your hashtags. I use max 20 hashtags per post.  Need Social Media Help? Contact Me.

Happy Growing on Insta!