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What to Post on Social Media

As a Business Owner, you may get stuck on what to post on your social media fan pages. It’s important not to bombard your followers (potential customers) with products and promotions every day. You have to ease into it by providing value first. For Example, I suggest 2 pieces of a relevant but non-sale post, then a sale post, or reminder of your services type of post. You can share on your page a viral related video today, then tomorrow you can post a related free resource post and then on the 3rd day a company promotion. If you keep it value heavy your followers will not mind when it’s time to pitch them something. What you have to avoid is sales, sales, and more sales post. This will have your followers rolling their eyes and running to hit the “Unfollow” button, or worst the “Hide Post Like This” button which is the way to Unfollow someone without hurting feelings. Here are some helpful posting ideas that I know you will enjoy!

Social Media Posting Ideas:

  1. Share Relevant Videos (Look for Trending Viral Videos)
  2. Share Relevant News Articles
  3. Contest and Giveaways
  4. Personal Content like Photos of your family or pets
  5. Feature Employees, Vendors, Small Local Business
  6. Throwbacks Photos
  7. Deal Of the Day (Products or Service with Clear Call to Action)
  8. Free Resources or Things Happening in Your City
  9. Webinar, Facebook Live, Video Training or Explanation of products
  10. Fun Facts
  11. Product Description…”How it works?” post
  12. Traffic Stopping Images
  13. Travel Ideas…
  14. Holiday Cards
  15. Memes
  16. Funny Stories and Jokes
  17. Your Customers Stories/Testimonials
  18. Share your blog post or YouTube video across your platforms
  19. Discount Codes for your services or products
  20. FAQ
  21. Case Studies on how your product or service helped someone
  22. Polls
  23. Fill in the blanks are popular like…If I won 1 Million Dollars, I would ________.
  24. Post an Interesting photo then say “Caption this…”

These are just some ideas of what to post on social media at the top of my head that you can take and implement now! Need Social Media Help? I am offering a FREE Social Media Audit. Click Here and Book a Time Slot With Me!

Talk to you soon!

Nina Morfin

Xpand Social Media

“It’s The New Word of Mouth”